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Roguehack is a roguelike hacking simulator.  Your goal is to defend your process while you defeat enemy processes.  You can hack processes to regain health.  You'll fight your way through networks (using UNIX-like commands) until you reach the end and must defeat the executive process.

Runs on Linux and requires the ncurses library.

Download at https://github.com/mtimjones/7drl_2019


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Idea is really great, but game is very boring. :-( This is not hacking simulator, it's typing simulator.

Agree, I added the '.' command to simulate '!' (repeat last command) since you end up iterating commands quite a bit (until you reach end of network level, where it becomes trickier).  Not sure if mouse clicks would help this, though...

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>>Not sure if mouse clicks would help this, though...

No, mouse is bad idea. Please add command-line completion (tab key) and command history (up key) like in BASH. It's good way to make game better.